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"I have only had it a week and I am already making more money. Fantastic!"
Mohammed K


Testimonial 1 "I like it, and more importantly my customers like it!" says Dave. "They know that their personal details are secure when they pay using CabCard’s Chip & PIN Service, and I know that the payment is guaranteed to be paid to me every week." Dave K

Testimonial 2
"I wish I'd got the service earlier. It's fantastic,” he says. "Now I don't have to refuse any jobs. I have only had it a week and I am already making more money. Fantastic!" Mohammed K

Testimonial 3
"As soon as I got it I took a £30 credit card job! The machine is easy to use, and it's especially useful when I'm working at the Airport." Gurmail S

"It is easy to use and gives the fast service that my business customers are looking for." John M, Manchester

"Finding the system very helpful. I recently got a Luton Airport job from the City that I know I would have missed without CabCard." Wayne S, London

"From the driver’s point of view the system is very quick and easy and my money comes swiftly into the bank. The CabCard office staff are very efficient and friendly if I ever have an enquiry."
Barry L, London

"I had been in line at Liverpool Street Station for 10 minutes and this guy needed to pay by card, he took me because of CabCard and I got out of the rank more quickly." Andy L

"Cabbies are easy targets, drivers are being attacked for their cash. Personally, I would be more than happy if every one of my customers paid by card. It would mean I would carry less cash." Dave W, Liverpool

"In my experience corporate cards cannot be used to get cash, only in transactions. I was missing out on good jobs and when you go out of town, if they can use cards you feel a bit safer. You worry less if they've got a credit card." – Richard D

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