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"Customers know that their personal details are secure when use CabCard’s chip & PIN service."
Dave K
"I recently got a Luton Airport job from the City that I know I would have missed without CabCard."
Wayne S, London
"I have only had it a week and I am already making more money."
Mohammed K

Getting on Board

Independent licensed taxi drivers are required to sign CabCard Service and CabCard Terminal Agreements to receive and use a hand-held payment terminal. On acceptance, you receive a mobile chip & PIN terminal delivered to your home address. This device is ready to use and is connected to our card payment processing systems.

Your terminal is assigned individually to you, and all card payments made through your terminal are paid into your named bank or building society account, or you can opt to receive your payments onto your Visa prepaid CabCash card.

What are the Costs?

Hand-held mobile card payment terminal:

  • Weekly rental (inc VAT) - £4.75
  • Annual air time - £25.00
  • Terminal Protection Fee - £12.50 per annum
  • No hidden or extra charges and all costs are tax deductable.
  • Paid by the passenger – 10% of fare.

Online Virtual Terminal facility:

  • Initial sign up fee - £30.00
  • Annual charge - £30.00 per annum

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